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  1. Thank you @deanishe. I ended up tethering a keyword to the arg util first and that worked perfectly. This is solved!
  2. @Andrew Thank you for the info! Is it possible to set the var in args/vars before I hit the script filter? (object flow: Args/Vars -> Script Filter -> Open File Action). From what I can tell the Script Filter needs to come first. But that could just be my infinite density at work
  3. Hello, I am using Alfred 4 along with a custom python script filter that utilizes mdfind to search our company's file shares that are hosted over AFP on a Windows server via a third party tool (Acronis File Connect). Alfred file filters cannot tap into the emulated spotlight index, likely for some good reason that is beyond me, and so with some kind advice from the Alfred team, I went this way instead with a custom implementation of mdfind. The script filter works great and the results show in Alfred as expected. My question is: is it possible to pass a wor
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