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  1. This is amazing, thanks a lot for the workflow! It indeed lists /dev/disk#, but somehow only one partition of one of the disks gets mounted (which is an APFS main disk clone partition). Could I work around it to make other file systems mountable as well or would this work only with APFS? Much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for your reply! I was able to have those working in the Terminal, but I'm having a hard time deciphering how to get that done inside Alfred in json. Well, at least I've learned something, so thanks again.
  3. I use Alfred's Eject system command (which actually unmounts volumes) and I would love to see its counterpart implemented. Why not have a Mount system command to save us a trip to Disk Utility and some clicks? I'm sorry if this seems trivial to be accomplished via a workflow, but I admit I'm incapable of doing that myself after several tries (I learned how to mount volumes through the terminal and get volume information, but that was as far as I got).
  4. Hi everyone, I'm newish to the many powers of Alfred and I'd appreciate some help with creating a workflow to mount volumes via Alfred. When a volume is ejected by Alfred, it remains mountable (see Disk Utility; the drive containing the volume isn't ejected) and I can open DU, select the volume in the sidebar and remount it by clicking in Mount on DU's toolbar. I'd love to be able to type something like “mount [VolumeName]” in Alfred and have it magically be available once again. Could any of you experienced Alfred users point me in a direction to have a functioning workflow? I'm really green in scripting, so any help would be truly appreciated.
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