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  1. Thanks, Andrew! Wow! This is awesome news! I will see if I can get by with these custom announcements for a start. And if you get to that full visual overhaul, which will probably also benefit keyboard-heavy users who are not necessarily VoiceOver users, let me know if I can help in any way. I am not shy to beta test as well. Cheers, Marco
  2. Hi to the team! When adding or editing a workflow, including the startup templates, VoiceOver is not able to read anything in the table of workflows, or the workflow editor. The only thing I can read is the pre-filled description of the startup template. To reproduce: 1. Turn on VoiceOver by either pressing CMD+F5 or CMD+triple-clicking the Power button. 2. Go into Preferences -> Workflows. 3. Navigate to the Add button and choose from the Getting Started sub menu the Clipboard workflow. 4. Hit Continue. 5. The workflow will be pre-filled, no
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