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  1. This is a workflow for software developers. I’ve posted a workflow to build Git commit messages using the Conventional Commits format. It walks you through the process and is configurable. Builds standardized Git commit messages based on the Angular flavor of the Conventional Commits format. Optionally adds emoji (or turn it off if you don’t want them) Can be used in conjunction with tools like semantic-release, which can build changelogs from your commits, and automatically update version numbers. It’s available at: https://github.com/natesilva/alfred-conventional-commits
  2. If you use Ubuntu Linux on AWS EC2, this will find the correct image to use. It returns latest official AMI ID for your Ubuntu release, CPU architecture, and AWS region. The result is placed on the clipboard so you can paste it into AWS. Ubuntu frequently updates images to incorporate the latest security updates. Older versions of Ubuntu are also updated, so the AMI that you use should be looked up fresh each time. http://www.packal.org/workflow/get-latest-ubuntu-ami
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