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  1. Awesome. Thanks so much, @deanishe!
  2. Thanks so much, @Veroand @deanishe, for the suggestions. I’ll give the File Filter a try. Do you know whether it’s possible to do something similar for tags? In other words, a workflow where I can first pick a tag (or even multiple tags?) and then search for files? Also, do you think it would be possible for me (with relatively little scripting experience) to make similar workflows where you can start with a folder filter but then do an “in” search rather than the standard filename search? Really appreciate your help! Alex
  3. It wouldn't necessarily search a particular folder, but it would search only folders that match the first filter. That would be quite helpful, I think, because it would allow you to more reasonably limit your searches. But setting aside the folder example, the more general suggestion is to have the ability to use multiple search prefixes. In terms of whether it's possible to do this with Alfred, it seems like it should be, right? Alfred can individually parse each of the searches using a prefix, and then return only the results that satisfy all of them. Right? Of cours
  4. It would be great to be able to use multiple search prefixes in Alfred. This can be done right now using a workflow to create a pre-defined set of search prefixes. But there is no way to use an arbitrary combination of search prefixes, which would be extremely useful. For example, suppose you want to search a particular folder for files that contain a particular word. It would be nice to be able to search: f [folder to search] in [search text within files] Or suppose you want to search for a file that you know has a particular tag, etc.: in [search t
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