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  1. I will see if I can get some time to do that this weekend. I am running Keyboard Maestro which has a Clipboard history switcher, but I never used it. Just in case, I deactivated all the macros related to it and will see if that changes anything as well.
  2. Often, but not every time that I paste from the clipboard history, it doesn't paste the top entry, but the second entry. This usually happens right after I've copied something into the clipboard. I can see in the listing of clipboards that the data I want is the top entry, but when I paste (by hitting return) I get the second entry. If I paste again, I get the correct one. I can get it to happen consistently if I paste after running a particular Textexpander snippet. Here's what happens in that case: I copy a URL and some other text from Amazon in Safari in several slots in the clipboard history. On my WordPress site, I run a snippet to create an HTML URL which leaves the cursor at the place to paste in the URL. I open the history, make sure the URL is the top entry, hit return, and it pastes a different entry (the second one). Then I open the history again, see the top entry is still the one I want, hit enter, and it pastes it correctly. It doesn't always happen after a TextExpander snippet or in Safari or with URLs, that's just the example I know I can reproduce consistently. This has been happening for a long, long time over multiple operating system and Alfred versions. I don't know why I'm only just reporting it now. I'm on a Mac studio running Ventura 13.4 ad Alfred 5.1.1 [2138]
  3. Okay, odd. I'd already tried quitting and restarting the app, but this time I quit it from within Activity Monitor and then started it and that seemed to fix it.
  4. I just checked login items and Activity Monitor and there is only one instance of Alfred running.
  5. I'm having the same problem suddenly and my hotkey has been option-space for years. I even tried changing it to control-space but it doesn't help. What it looks like is when I invoke Alfred, the box comes up (and the last results are still visible), but it looks like there's a second Alfred box on top. I'm running Ventura 13.0.1 and Alfred 5.0.5 [2096]
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