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  1. That makes sense. Thanks again. I launched Calendar several times to train Alfred. Seemed to be showing up on top regularly even after the first time. All good now!
  2. Ah, okay - thanks both of you, that makes sense. I'll work on that training. I used apple's migration assistant to move to the new machine. Does that omit Alfred's "knowledge"? Some of my changes are intact, like workflows, but I guess the autofill is separate? Again, thanks! It's a relief to know I'll be able to get things going the way I prefer again.
  3. One of the things that made me race to purchase Alfred was that it's autocomplete behaved differently than a Spotlight search. I've just moved to a new (M1) Mac, and now Alfred does the thing I disliked about spotlight. I'm not sure how to explain without an example: Let's say I'm trying to open the Calendar app. I invoke Alfred, then... Type "c" yields top suggestion Show the Clipboard/Snippet Viewer Add "a" top suggestion becomes Calendar Add "l" top suggestion becomes Calculator On my last Mac, typing the L in the example above would still keep the Calendar as the top suggestion. This was such a helpful change from Spotlight. If there were a support forum for my brain, I'd ask how to get it to stop typing after Calendar becomes the top suggestion - I can't seem to keep myself from continuing to type and getting a result other than the one I want. I see a value to the way it's working now, it's just not what's best for me. Is there a way to switch this behavior? Thanks in advance for any help!
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