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  1. Thanks all. The Alfred folder does not show up in my Dropbox deleted files via the Dropbox website. It also doesn't show up when I go into Time Machine.
  2. Thank you Vero for your help! This is not a new Mac. I did install an upgrade to the MacOS last night, and as a result had to restart the computer, which I hadn't done in a few days. The Dropbox/Alfred folder does not exist and it is not in the Dropbox trash (or my Mac trash). I use Dropbox extensively and can ensure I did not move this folder anywhere. That is true, but when I log on to Dropbox.com I also don't see the Alfred folder. I just spent some time with Dropbox help in live chat and they don't see it either.
  3. I'm seeing this error message when starting up: Things were working fine yesterday, and I certainly did not delete the folder from Dropbox (it's also not showing in the Dropbox trash either). Could anyone help with any tips? Where are my preference files? Did I lose all my workflows and preferences?
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