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  1. Hi, After a big crash, I’m rebuilding my computer setup and can’t figure out the right Alfred preference files to use from among various backup options. I have Time Machine and also Dropbox, and have been using Alfred for years so in both my Users/Library folder on the computer and in Dropbox the Alfred folder has old preferences files for Alfred 2 and 3. Now I’m running Alfred 4.5 with Powerpack. Specifically, on Dropbox > Apps > Alfred there are three files: Alfred 2.alfredpreferences, Alfred 3.alfredpreferences and Alfred.alfredpreferences On the computer in my Library > Application Support > Alfred there are about 12 folders and files inside (such as Assistant folder, clipboard folder, Alfred.alfredpreferences file and a pref.json file) And in Library > Application Support > Alfred 3 is a smaller bunch of folders and files (Databases, Plugins, Workflow Data folders, and usage.data and Alfred.alfredpreferences files). From the forums it sounds like maybe Alfred 4.5 runs off just a single Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle. But it also sound like there are per-machine files too. In the ideal setup is there an Alfred.alfredpreferences file on Dropbox, then a folder of folders in the computer Library? Or can everything live on Dropbox? I’m having trouble sorting out what should go where, and in trying to have Alfred use various .alfredpreferences files I can’t find my workflows, so I definitely haven’t stumbled on the right setup. Any help appreciated.
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