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  1. My no 1 missing feature is to be able to navigate to a folder (reveal in finder), that matches a partial (fuzzy) query. For example. Say I have a project located at this path: /Work/Projects/Clients/Bob/2013/New Year/Materials/Pictures And I desperately want to open it in finder just by typing something like: PBob13NYP This is well implemented in Intellij IDEA and Sublime Text. Typing this query (PBob13NYP) in those ides, would search through index of paths and highlight fuzzy matches like so: /Work/Projects/Clients/Bob/2013/New Year/Materials/Pictures I spend too much
  2. As simple as title says. Yes, I know many of ~ similar ~ workflows exist, however this is quite different from others as it doesn't use notifications, but rather native OS X dialogue window for showing the output of executed command. Download: https://github.com/makov/alfred-goodies/raw/master/Shelly.alfredworkflow
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