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  1. Yes. The next update of Airfoil should fix that.
  2. Hello alfro, yes. The AppleScript that collects the available speaker crashes. I hope the Airfoil update is released soon. - jan
  3. Hello melifluo, I dont really understand your problem. You can open your video in chrome and set Airfoil's Input to Chrome and everything should work...? If Chrome is not shown automatically in Alfred, just switch once in Airfoil. Alfred shows the latest few selections. BTW: Maybe the Extension is currently not working at the moment. There was a bug in Airfoil, they fixed it but its not yet released. - jan
  4. The Airfoil Video Player is just an .app thats inside of the Airfoil.app bundle. You can add "$AIRFOILPATH/Contents/MacOS" to your Alfred "Search Scope" (Settings, Features, Default Results) and you're done. Another option is to write your own simple Workflow: +, Templates, Essentials, Keyword to Applescript Choose your keyword (no arguments) set applescript to on alfred_script(q) tell application "Airfoil Video Player" set test to track title end tell end alfred_script
  5. Small update: the workflow can now find the Application's icon for source selection if its in /Applications Download Thanks to David for the hint
  6. Hello, for my Airfoil Workflow (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1991-airfoil-speaker-source-selection/) I'm looking for a way to use the icon of an application as icon for my "Source Selection"-item. I just have the name of the application as string. Anyone with an idea how to do that? Thanks in advance, jan
  7. Hello, thanks for your feedback. Davide: I don't think your requests are possible - the Airfoil AppleScript support is very limited (see http://rogueamoeba.com/support/knowledgebase/?showArticle=AirfoilAppleScript) - jan
  8. Hello, I've created a small workflow to control Airfoil (speaker and source). Download - jan
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