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  1. New version released and available for download. * v1.2 (Oct 27, 2019) - Update for Alfred preferred JSON format, support for macOS 10.15 Catalina
  2. Thanks @MacWorks, please see my latest post, I've updated the workflow, should be fully supported on OS 10.15 now. No need for bucks, but happy to take some love on Twitter @wkoffel or wherever else. I never bother to remind others of my workflows outside these forums, but probably should!
  3. See above, Christian. New version is available, let me know if you have any troubles with it.
  4. Terminal Control v2.6 is now available, with support for macOS 10.15 "Catalina" and it's system ruby 2.6.3. New download link updated in the original post above, or update with Alleyoop. This update only works for Alfred 3+, as it removes the no-longer updated alfredo and nokogiri dependency in favor of the new preferred JSON format for Alfred workflows.
  5. Typically, this workflow breaks with new versions of macOS. If you have updated to Catalina 10.15, happy to hear your experiences. I will be testing in the next two weeks and will issue updates as needed once I upgrade my personal machines.
  6. It's been reported that this workflow is broken on the recently released macOS Catalina. Watch for a fix here in the next couple weeks as I get my own machines upgraded.
  7. Hrmm...so sorry for that. I'm traveling this week, not with the machine I upgraded to 10.14, so hard to debug. But I'm pretty sure it was looking good for me on that box. Can you try manually deleting the workflow from Alfred workflow preferences, re-downloading from this location: https://cl.ly/f5d7fa56f2b8 And tell me if that is working? If it's still not, you can right click on the workflow, "Open in Finder" and be sure there really is a directory path, 'bundle/bundler/setup.rb', which should be there, but yours seems to be complaining is missing.
  8. This workflow has been updated to v2.5 with support for Mojave. The links in the top post are updated, or download directly here. You can also update using alleyoop update process. Let me know if you have any issues. This appears to work find on 10.13 and 10.14, but older versions of macOS should stick with v2.4 or earlier of this workflow. I removed some older dependencies this round to reduce the download size. Thanks for getting on me to update this quickly, @GFEMajor ? .
  9. Hi @GFEMajor. Typically, this extension breaks for new versions of macOS, for the reasons @deanishe mentioned. My apologies, I hadn't upgraded any of my machines yet, as I'm not doing mac dev work right now. I should be able to get to it this weekend at the latest. I will post here and update the main top post when it's working for Mojave. Thanks for your patience and interest in the workflow.
  10. Strange. I'm on my 10.12 mac here with the prior version of the workflow, and it's not working for me, and as far as I'm aware, it's always been a known issue. I'm testing here with macOS 10.12, and iTerm2 build 3.1.2. Maybe you have a newer version of iTerm on your new machine, and the old one had the prior Applescript behavior? Check the versions on your old mac, are they the same as the new mac?
  11. Yes, that's a known issue, and was true in prior versions as well. The Applescripting support in iTerm works differently from Terminal, and would require a change in the approach to fix it, hasn't been worth it, since it's mostly relevant on first launch, or for people who quit their apps a lot.
  12. Terminal Control v2.4 is now available, with support for macOS 10.13 "High Sierra" and it's system ruby 2.3.0. New download link updated in the original post above, or update with Alleyoop
  13. New update is ready @GFEMajor, @robdbirch. See original post which has been updated or announcement below. And let me know if it's working for you now, just to make sure I got it all bundled up sufficiently (this was a tricky one, as some of the dependency versions gave me headaches on 10.13)
  14. Hi @robdbirch and @GFEMajor , apologies for this error. I typically update the plugin on day 1 of a new OS release, but I haven't upgraded either of my machines to highSierra yet, and thus let you all down! I will try to upgrade and get a clean solution released by next week.
  15. Bummer, GFEMajor. I looked for an "Export as Alfred 2 workflow", but that doesn't appear to be a feature. Unfortunately, I don't have the bandwidth to maintain two separate versions, as I'd have to muck about uninstalling and reinstalling Alfred versions and making a fork of the source. If lots of folks end up stuck in your situation, I might consider a separate mac to manage a backwards compatible version. In your case, sounds like a choice of either upgrading to Alfred 3 (come on in, the water's fine!), or downgrading iTerm back to the 2.x series, so either this workflow or Quentin's ITP workflow will get the job done. Sorry for the hassle.
  16. Terminal Control v2.3 is now available, with support for iTerm 3.0.0+ new AppleScript dictionaries. New download link updated in the original post above, or update with Alleyoop
  17. For those of you having problems with iTerm 3.0.0+, be aware that the iTerm developers changed the way AppleScript works in the latest major revision, so pretty much all AppleScript controls (including those that are used to manage iTerm from Alfred workflows) need to be updated. I've updated my own Terminal Control workflow, it was pretty straightforward. Hopefully Quentin can update this one without any trouble, for those who prefer it.
  18. This would be a great addition (I actually assumed it was there already, it's pretty common in other snippet expansion utilities). {cursor} would be fine. Alternatively, something visual like {|} for the post-expansion cursor location.
  19. Note for Alfred 3 upgraders: This Terminal Control workflow has been tested, appears to work great on Alfred 3 out of the box. Be aware that you'll need to re-authorize the app in System Preferences -> Privacy -> Accessibility, since the name of the app has changed.
  20. GFE, it's unclear which workflow you are talking about here. I've tested my Terminal Control Workflow with the latest iTerm and Alfred (same versions you cited) and it's working okay for me. If it's my workflow that's giving you problems, I'm willing to take a look, but need a bit more info.
  21. I se It appears to be listening okay across interfaces: ➜ ~ netstat -atp tcp | grep -i 59397 tcp46 0 0 *.59397 *.* LISTEN tcp4 0 0 *.59397 *.* LISTEN ➜ ~ lsof -i -P | grep -i "Alfred" Alfred 90251 wkoffel 4u IPv4 0x8649124e1f3f2551 0t0 TCP *:59397 (LISTEN) Alfred 90251 wkoffel 7u IPv6 0x8649124e13748381 0t0 TCP *:59397 (LISTEN) Totally mystified about why the server doesn't respond on the port from external devices. Especially keeping in mind that this worked a few hours ago. It's not like it's always been this way. Worked just fine the first time I tried it, but now....nothing.
  22. I don't run either, no. However, I can confirm that telnetting to the Alfred server port works locally (via "localhost", or the IP), but does NOT work from my iPhone, nor from another mac on my network. So it does seem like a simple connectivity issue here and not something more insidious. Does the server bind to all network interfaces? Like I said, I can reboot at some point, just not this afternoon, got too much work in-flight. But that'll provide a good data point.
  23. Yes, I did try that (and saw the notification confirming server started). No change. I also tried: * force-quitting the remote app. * rebooting the iPhone * quitting and relaunching Alfred on the Mac * manually adding with IP/Port, I just get a blank "Passphrase" screen on my iPhone, mac does nothing. Console logs are all quiet, no help there.
  24. FWIW, I'm at and iPhone at
  25. I'm also suffering problems here. Interestingly, it worked fine for me "out of the box". Added a remote, entered the code, and everything was fine. I came back from running some errands a few hours later, mac still running just as it was. I launched Alfred Remote, and it couldn't connect. Since then, I've tried connecting via Bonjour, and deleting the remote from Alfred Preferences, and then re-adding like I did the first time. But both sides just show the "searching" animation, and never find each other. I'm not in a place where I can afford to reboot or create other accounts right now, but I'll try that when I get a chance, and keep my fingers crossed that we get some reliability clues here. I'm excited to integrate remote with my custom workflows!
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