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  1. Hi! I'm completely new here, please sorry for my ignorance and thanks in advance for helping I'm using Google Drive for desktop in my Mac, and some time ago it started to block files indexing (what is a heavy nightmare). So I started looking for alternatives, and I found Alfred. As I see, there is a Google Drive workflow that allows to find files locally in my virtual Drive folder, which is great. But my question is: Does Alfred do the same job as Spotlight when I'm working inside regular programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc? I mean: If I'm working on illustrator, and I have to "save as" a file in the "My Client" directory, can I search for "My client" inside illustrator when I'm saving my work? Or is it just to use in the finder? This is what really save my day, not to go folder by folder looking for the right place to save my work. This is clearly an example. There is an Image trying to explain what I would need. It is a pity that Power Pack can't offer a trial period, I would love to try it and then buy it if that works... Thanks again! Jorge
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