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  1. Sheepish look. Thanks for explaining that, @Vero. The reason I was ejecting was that I was undocking my MacBook, and I could have sworn there was an external drive connected. Clearly, Alfred knew it had already been ejected. I can confirm, that, with the drive shown as connected in Finder, the eject and ejectall keyword show results. Thanks!
  2. Updating Alfred 3.6.2 to 3.7 has caused Alfred to "forget" about my Features > System > Eject and Eject All commands. Other commands in Features > System work as they used to, but Alfred pleads ignorance of the commands for Eject and Eject All. System: 10.11.6 (15G22010), MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) Alfred: 3.7 Repeatable: Yes, even after reboot Screenshots show commands for "Sleep"/"Sleep Display" and "Volume Up"/"Volume Down" work as expected...: ... But all Alfred wants to do with "Eject" is search the web for it:
  3. Recently switched from Alfred v1 to Alfred v2, running v2.0.6 (203). I have a number of custom searches that aren't queries, but lean more toward bookmarks. For example, keyword "webmail" maps to URL "https://webmail.myprovider.com/". In Alfred v1, when I type "webm<Tab>", Alfred tab-completes this to "webmail", and then pressing <Return> opens the configured URL in my browser. In Alfred v2, when I type "webm<Tab>", Alfred tab-completes this to "webmail " (with a trailing space). Since there's no query for the "webmail" custom search, Alfred interprets "webmail<Space>" as a fallback search for the word 'webmail', which is not at all what I want. I've been using these custom searches for something like the last year, and my muscle memory is fairly deeply ingrained by now. Any chance Alfred v2 can be smarter about its tab-completion? Thanks.
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