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  1. I’m distributing the workflow directly with a symlink so changes and updates are transparent (and require no end user work).
  2. I have a few workflows that I'm sharing with others in a managed way (i.e. automatic updates, they can't modify the workflow itself). Providing standard keyword triggers for these is fine, though I do see that it can be customized, but I would like to provide keyboard shortcuts as well. I played around with a copy of the workflow and set up a new Hotkey trigger with the shortcut that I use. This works great! But I don't see a way to customize the Hotkey as part of the User Configuration for the workflow. I thought about a couple things to do here: I could ask everyone to create a second personal workflow which has their own keyboard shortcut and then executes the managed workflow. This is probably the route I'll go since it's easy enough, but it is annoying. I could create a default Hotkey trigger in the managed workflow and then enable/disable this via the User Configuration if they don't want this shortcut. However, I don't see a way to enable/disable a Trigger via User Configuration. I could link the Trigger to an if/else block that checks the User Configuration, but I don't know how to test if that will still swallow the event from other applications that might be listening for that shortcut combo. I could create a helper application which can be configured by Alfred (i.e. read the workflow User Configuration) and binds the correct keyboard shortcut to execute the workflow. This is a lot more work and a lot more moving pieces. The nicest option would be for Alfred to offer a Keyboard Shortcut prompt in the User Configuration for a workflow. Are there any feature requests for something like this or other options I should consider?
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