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  1. I'm really loving the idea of the Alfred Remote. But the workflows I'm dreaming of are above my pay grade--or at least I'm being paid today to do other work than learn the details of all this... I've set most of my favorite apps as keystrokes--remapping the CapsLock and setting them up via BetterTouchTool. So for example, CapsLock-P (for Play) starts and stops Radium playing. If I could just have the remote send that key combination (actually "^⌘↑⌥P"), then I wouldn't have to wait for some Alfred expert to get around to a Radium Remote workflow.
  2. It's not more relevant if it's not found. Once upon a time (an earlier version?) I used to find Evernote files via Alfred. Don't know what changed but whatever advanced tweaks I make won't bring them back in. Emails also don't get indexed. The other week I was beeped by the front desk that an drop-in visitor was asking for me. I hit Alfred to see if I knew the name but it didn't pick up anything. Once the encounter was over I checked Spotlight, which included an email correspondence that I wish I had known about. I've had to change my default search back to Spotlight just because these are classes of searches that I find essential for quick lookup.
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