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  1. Hi

    I had this simple workflow (on El Capitan) that run a script to open the emoji window.


    this is the script:

    tell application "System Events" to key code 49 using {command down, control down}

    It's like pressing ctrl+cmd+spce shortcut to open the emoji window


    the problem is that the keyboard shortcut works fine with Sierra while my workflow doesn't work anymore with Sierra.


    Anyone can help?



  2. Is it possible to tell Alfred to digit an hotkey when I use a keyword.


    my problem is that I never remember the hotkey to digit emoji  (ctrl+cmd+space bar) so I'd like to open Alfred, write emoji or another keyword and I'd like Alfred to digit the hotkey ctrl+cmd+space bar.


    Is it possible?

  3. Hi

    is it possible to directly delete a file in the navigation menu setting a keyboard button to do it (backspace for example).

    I 'll explain better:


    I browse my downloads folder in the alfred navigation menu, to delete a file I have to press the tab button to enter in the options panel (Copy to, move to, delete, email to etc...) and then I can delete the file but Alfred menu bar goes away. 

    I need a way to delete multiple files, the better way IMHO is to have the way to set a button (for example the backspace) to do so instead of entering another menu options to make an action on the file.


    Is there a way to do it?

  4. Hi

    two days ago I told Alfred to monitor and index the folders that I've in an external hard drive.

    I notice that if I resume my mac from sleeping, before I'm able to use Alfred I have a latency due to the fact that Alfred is waiting my external drive to wake up from the stand by.

    So I decided to remove the external hard drive from the "Search Scope" in Alfred but I still notice the latency that I had not before adding the external drive.


    What is going on? I have to remove the external drive form Alfred in another way?

  5. Hi 

    two months ago I set up my web search on Alfred in this way:




    In this way I can, for example, activate Alfred, digit "Mona Lisa paint" and then cmd+4 to directly view the MonaLisa wikipedia page


    the problem is that I don't remember how I do that.

    I want to add "command+6" for a Youtube search but I didn't find the option in the Alfred preference panel.

    It should be here but I can't find



  6. many thanks

    you're great



    You don’t have to explicitly delete the name. That’s why it’s already selected, so you can start typing the new name right away.


    I don't understand this:

    the name of the file is not already selected, I send you 2 video examples:






    Am I missing something?



    That said, yes, it’s very easy to add a way to rename like you ask, but why would you want to? If you have the file already selected in Finder, simply pressing ↩ will allow you to rename it.

    I understand what you mean


    but I'd love to select my file in the finder, press an hotkey like cmd+alt+R for example and then in the Alfred window I'll rename the file

    cause I can see the words better and bigger and I'll prefer also if there is not the name of the old file.


    With this configuration I have to:

    1) select the file in the finder

    2) press the hotkey for the action

    3) delete in the Alfred window the word is already written

    4) rename to the new file name


    Instead I'll love to:

    1) select the file in the finder

    2) press cmd+alt+R

    3) rename to the new file name 


    I know It sounds crazy.

    Any chance to do that


    Many thanks for the help

  8. Hi

    here is my problem.


    I open Itunes mini player and I navigate to my playlist section

    I open for example the playlist "recently added"

    I don't see all my songs that are into the playlist but It starts playing the last song that I added

    and It's the same for all the playlists


    Is this the right behavior or am I missing something?


    I want to scroll down my playlist's songs and then choose a song to start with

    Is it possible? 

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