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  1. I haven't used an app cleaner ever. I updated to Sonoma about a week and a half ago. Odd though, I went to check the syncing folder and when I clicked reveal in finder I could see ll the folders and `workflows\...\info.plist` which had my missing workflow in it. Then I went back to preferences and my workflow had re-appeared. I am pointing the sync to a folder my iCloud document folder. I think maybe iCloud had removed the local file for some reason and opening it forced a download and everything started working again.
  2. This morning I ran my workflow that I've run at the start of every workday for years to launch all the apps I need for work and I received and alert about osascript. Unfortunately I blindly closed the alert. However now my workflow is missing. Also I had disabled spotlight and set Command-Space to Alfred and that no longer works. Also of note is that when I tried to open preferences it beach balled. I had to reboot twice to get Alfred to open preferences again. I am running Alfred 5.1.3 [2175] on a 16" 2021 MBP with Sonoma 14.0 (23A344)
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