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  1. Hi, @Andrew Thank you very much for your answer, it worked perfectly. I have used the transform utility. Best regards.
  2. Hi, @Vero Thank you very much for your answer, I think I understood you well and I will share my result with you. Because I would like to ask you, if you would know why I get a line break at the end. Forget the "APIs/" thing, it's an autocomplete given by Warp. But when executing the snippet it makes that line break. Thank you again for your help.
  3. Hello, I have created a workflow so that with a Snippet it generates me textually the next month taking as reference today. I wanted to attach the workflow but it only allows me to attach images. I tried to do it this way, because from the Snippets section, the defined placeholders did not give the result I needed. Now, I go to "Snippets" and I want to create, together with another text string, the result of this workflow. I add images as well: If I type the snippet "\\MM" in any text field, it executes without problems. But if I run the snippet ">nb" it doesn't return the value. I have tried other snippets I have using the placeholder {snippet:keyword} and they work correctly. I have no conflicts using the same name with other snippets and I always use prefixes. I hope you can help me, thank you very much.
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