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  1. Long time later, I still have the same issue. Here's a simple and clean fix: Add a "Split Arg" utility right after the script, set it to split at newlines, discard empty items, and output as Arguments
  2. I'm using macOS 14.2.1 and the mentioned workflow above did not show up any results. I adjusted the File Filter step in the workflow as shown in the screenshots: 1. In Scope: Remove the AddressBook entry [Note: This is the correct folder, but for some reason, Alfred does not find any contacts] 2. In Basic Setup: Add the File Type com.apple.addressbook.person After those 2 changes, the dc keyword filters for contacts quite well. Only when entering less than 3 characters I still get some non-contact results
  3. Thanks for the hints! I got the workflow to behave as expected by Using "tag_path" instead of "path" as mentioned by @vitor, and Using the Split Arg utility [split by tabs] Thanks for the great help 👍
  4. I want to build a workflow that uses a File Action (get a file path) and a Keyword (ask for a tag/string). I want to pass both values to a script. What I've tried is using vars to store both values as {var:path} and {var:tag}, but those vars are not available in the script. Also, using $1 and $2 was not successful. Any ideas on how I can pass multiple input args to my shell script?
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