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  1. I'm very confused - I updated the code but now the workflow seems to only half work. The X and width coordinates are set properly, but the Y ones are not. And when I try to debug the alfred debugger says that nothing is being returned by the script. 🤔
  2. Thank you so muich. The reason to go through all that trouble is I want the ability to put a margin or space between windows. So this allows me to adjust the windows with margin around them. I could not see a way to do that with the preset task. In my case I can choose 1/2 screen but the workflow has a variable for margin that leaves a bit of border around the window.
  3. Here's a link to the workflow: https://web.tresorit.com/l/fw0DE#qF-3oQJjPhobwKyyYX1iqA
  4. I'm trying to make sure I am not missing something obvious, but I'm not getting the expected result. I have a script option that, for example, outputs the following: "{ \"alfredworkflow\" : { \"variables\" : { \"new_x\" : 10, \"new_y\" : 100, \"new_width\" : 835, \"new_height\" : 1097 } } }" Then I have an automation task that looks like the attached. However the window is not moved properly as if the variables are not resolving correctly. If I hard code the values instead of using the variables then the window does move correctly. I cannot figure out what is wrong here.
  5. I'm trying to dynamically set the X Origin, Y Origin, etc in a Set Custom Window Bounds automation task but I cannot figure out how to pass in the variables. Do I need to use environment variables or can I set it all in JSON similar to this: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/18701-dynamic-input-for-automation-tasks/?_fromLogin=1 ? If this can be set by JSON where do I find the config variable information necessary to set the variables?
  6. If this was a workflow to be shared, I'd agree. In my case, whenever I updated python3 on my machine it will automatically update the path in my .bash_profile so I'll never need to update the Alfred workflow. The only other option is having to update the workflow every time I update python. that's not horrible, but it is an extra step. And my .bash_profile only includes the PATH configuration so loading it doesn't affect performance. So I'm not sure how any other solution would be better in this case. And it will work on all my machines because they will all have the PATH setting updated when Python3 is installed or updated. But if the workflow was going to be shared that is completely different. In that case I would have written it in python2.
  7. In case it helps anyone else, in my case I ended up solving it by adding this line to the shell script that runs the python script: source ~/.bash_profile This sets the path to the default shell path. This way the script will automatically update the path is uses to search for python3 with future updates and I don't have to hardcode a full path to the specific version of python. Now it runs without any issues.
  8. Well I assumed the shell script would create a shell and setup the variables properly which is why I used that vs. calling the python script directly. Here is a link to the workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uai25vc4vxqvnxt/Test Workflow.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  9. l'm really confused. I created a file filter workflow that calls a script file that then calls a python script. I can run the script from the command line with no problems at all. When I try to run the Alfred workflow I get a pop up that says the python3 command requires the command line developer tools (see the attached image). Why am I getting this message when the script runs perfectly fine outside of Alfred?
  10. Alfred appears to block it so I'm checking if there is a way.
  11. The title says it all. I have a keyword that triggers a snippet when it is typed and would love to have it trigger a workflow where I can send some custom keystrokes. Is that possible? Or can I insert keystrokes into a snippet (I'm guessing not since it is text).
  12. Setting up a new computer and want to sync my Alfred preferences. I've always use the Apps folder and yes I know about the restriction. In the past this always fixed it: defaults write com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-Preferences-3 dropbox.allowappsfolder -bool TRUE However it is not working on the new machine. I even tried changing the above to Preferences-4 and it still did not work. My other machine is still synching fine. Any idea what I need to do on the new machine to allow Alfred to load my synced preferences from the Apps folder?
  13. Thanks! That fixed it. Hmm. I wonder why it worked for years 🤔
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