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  1. Hi, I am using Alfred 2.1.1 (277) on Mavericks. I noticed that if I have multiple terminal windows opened on different desktops, using the "open terminal here" tends to reveal the wrong window. It's easier to explain (and to reproduce) step by step: 1) Open a terminal on a desktop (say desktop 1) 2) Open a finder window on another desktop (say desktop 2) 3) Alt+Cmd+\ to trigger file actions on a folder 4) Open terminal here What happens is that a new terminal window opens in desktop 2 and points to the correct location, *however*, the focus (and hence the view) moves to the other terminal window (the one on desktop 1). This is bit annoying since I am frequently working with several terminals open. I hope this is not a duplicate. Best regards and all my praise for you software: that's just wonderful ;-) Keep on working like that! Michele (P.S. it's Micheal, in Italian)
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