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  1. OoooOOoohhh, I like it! Definitely stands out from a lot of the other themes, nice work
  2. paultreny


    2013-04-24 Mirrored on Droplr for you! You could create a free account to share them yourself if you modify the theme in the future, as I'll most probably be unaware that you've updated! osta LightPaper.alfredappearance http://d.pr/f/gJJk
  3. 2013-04-24 Mirrored them on Droplr for you! I'd suggest creating a free account to share them if you further modify the themes, as I will probably not be aware enough to keep them up-to-date! _mk_ Minimal Black Transparent.alfredappearance http://d.pr/f/QorX _mk_ Minimal White Transparent.alfredappearance http://d.pr/f/DCwz
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