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  1. Oh Sorry I didn't made my self clear. I just hide spotlight icon not disabled the service as described in this tip: http://osxdaily.com/2011/12/12/hide-spotlight-menu-icon-mac-os-x/ Waiting for Yosemite's official release.
  2. No, its at default settings. In fact, spotlight app itself used to start without any delay though I have disabled it now as I am using Alfred.
  3. I still cannot find the solution to this. See the latest Alfred start up messages: 29/09/14 4:41:24.822 pm Alfred 2[452]: [TIMER] 56.206486 seconds to initialise Alfred 29/09/14 5:33:25.858 pm Alfred 2[459]: [TIMER] 45.859592 seconds to initialise Alfred
  4. Yeah may be meta data server takes time to start up and Alfred is just waiting for it. Still IMHO you should put an option to start Alfred in debug mode or throw in a verbose switch in there. It will be helpful in many situations. The problem is just a bit of annoyance as it doesn't trouble me at all once Alfred is started. So I guess I can live with it. Thanks for trying to help and definitely thanks for giving us Alfred. He's adorable
  5. I did the same but it didn't helped. Now thats the third time I rebuilt by index in as many days. Strange thing is why Alfred is slow only when set to start during boot. It works fine if I start Alfred manually after system is already booted up. What is it waiting for?
  6. I tried taking sample of Alfred twice (Sample 1 and Sample 2) but at both times the sample taking didn't complete well after Alfred was already loaded and the hat icon showed up in the menu bar. It was always stuck at "Please wait while sample is taken" and only completed after Alfred was loaded. Then I decided to stop Alfred in its track using SIGSTOP signal (pkill -STOP Alfred\ 2). So I took the third sample when Alfred was stopped (Sample 3). I am including all these samples with this post. Hope it helps. Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 By the way, how can I add attachments in p
  7. I have just two Login Items: iTunesHelper and Alfred2. Earlier there was Google Drive also but I disabled it for testing Alfred slow speed. It is still disabled. I am using vanilla setup of both Mac OS X and Alfred. All my apps are in main disk. No network or external drive mounted at login. However, I have made three simple workflows of my own: keyword to ssh connection to my desktop daily news workflow - opening two websites in default browser network tester - showing Yes/No in large font based on ping to along with enabling example workflow by Andrew Pepperrell "Should I Watc
  8. I did some tests. Alfred behaving same on new account i.e. taking around 45 seconds to initialise. Alfred starts slow only when set to auto start during boot up. If auto start is disabled and Alfred is started manually after login then it starts faster i.e. in 3 seconds. Number 3 holds even if I do purge (to delete inactive memory) after quitting Alfred and before starting it again.
  9. Hello, I am using Alfred v2.4 (279) on OS X (10.9.4) with Powerpack enabled. On start up Alfred takes too long to start. I get the following messages on console. 22/08/14 9:20:31.459 am Alfred 2[470]: [TIMER] 71.418899 seconds to initialise Alfred 22/08/14 9:13:01.928 pm Alfred 2[471]: [TIMER] 55.193468 seconds to initialise Alfred Any suggestion on how can I make Alfred start faster? Thanks.
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