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  1. You are right and I'm so sorry! I thought that this was different in Mavericks, but it is the same! Thank you... Best, Andreas
  2. Hello, this ist my first article... I searched the forum, but found no similar question... Yesterday, I switched to Yosemite. I Use Alfred 2.5 (299) on an other Mac and sync all my preferences with dropbox. Most things work well, but.. - I select a file a second time to highlight and select the name to change it - I click ALT-CMD-Space to activate the Clipboard History to use a saved phrase - the file get deselected and I can't rename it - in Mavericks, the filename is still selected and I'm able to rename it with a ENTER I hope, you understand what I mean ;-) Is it a bug or is it my fault? Kind regards, Andreas
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