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  1. Dood!! Awesome! now... I just need to know how to uninstall v1? I have downloaded v2, paid for the v2 PowerPack and i have run the Import tool. i didnt have anything really tweaky in v1, so there should be little left that didnt auto-import. so is it safe to just drag v1 to the trash? thank you again!! ~vonKemper
  2. Hey Andrew! Thank you for the quick response! I am unable to import the workflow, however. I have tried the "Drop Here" method... the + -> Import method (file is grayed out and unselectable) as well as the double-click -> open with application (Alfred is grayed out). Any advice??
  3. Good afternoon (at least where I am) everyone! I posted to the @alfredapp Twitter, and was directed here, so here goes I need to be able to search inside specific file types for content. For example, my most used file types are XML. I have TONS of XML files that are used for various things (a web application) and there are always examples I am searching for withing older files, for use in new ones. The standard "in" keyword works so well it has become a crutch. However, I get more file-types than I am interested in, as many of the search terms are generic (like the word "custom") I have created a Filter for XML and that works great for file NAMES. How do I extend this to search INSIDE those files? "XML Custom" returns all of the XML files with the name "Custom" somewhere in the filename. Is there such a way as to do "XML in Custom"? or "in XML Custom"? many thanks for such a powerfully useful app!!!!! ~vonKemper
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