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  1. So I totally just thought of this possible idea and I can't believe it didn't hit me sooner. Is there a way that the "Secure Erase" function can be called from Alfred, just like the "Empty Trash" option is? The reason for this request is: ‚ÄčObviously Apple got rid of the Easy way to "Secure Erase" stuff, which for me was always my way of deleting files that were still in use/stopping rogue programs from running. The only - and rather irksom way - of doing this is by going into your trash, diving, usually, 3 to 5 folders deep before finding those 2 or 3 or 4 files that refuse to delete normally, and then hitting: Command + Option + Delete Which gives you the: Which is the only way to "Secure Erase" easily. BUT, if you have a program like AppCleaner, there is not a way to "Secure Erase" while within that app. Therefore, having a "Secure Erase" option in Alfred - which is like, the only way I 100% of the time Empty my trash - at least, to me, makes sense. Thanks for listening to my rant, and hopefully someone finds this irksome too!
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