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  1. Thanks Shawn. That seems a bit complicated for my level, but I'll give it a try. What should I bee looking for about breaking things? Thanks again for your help,
  2. Simplify how you access your 17hats account areas. Hotkey and keyword to access the dashboard (cmd + shift + space or 17dashboard) Keyword to access contacts (17contacts) Keyword to access projects (17projects) Keyword to access the calendar (17cal) Keyword to access the todo list (17todo) Keyword to access the invoices (17invoices) Keyword to access the workflows (17workflows) Keyword to access bookkeeping (17books) http://www.packal.org/workflow/17hats
  3. Hello. I've been looking for a workflow that changes the system date, but couldn't find one. Does anyone know of one or how to make it? Thank you and take care,
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