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  1. Although a longtime user, I just discovered how to use Alfred with 1 Password.

    Now, to invoke Alfred I use Command/ ,  type 1P and then the name of the target website. Works


    But how can I set it up so that I have a separate assigned command that directly goes to 1PW without typing the 1P?




  2. Just discovered these and they are very helpful.  However I have trouble doit what I want with emailing.

    The present options are "email" and "email to".

    Neither works for me, as I avoid using Apple Mail.

    Is there any to customize so that there are options to "Gmail",  "GMail to" or perhaps send by "Spark"



    Enjoy the rest of the holiday

  3. Am very confused. I open up Alfred/Preferences/1Password, then click “Advanced” in lower right corner.  At that point, on the left sided of the bottom of that screen it says “Loaded 383 bookmarks”. I click “Advanced”.

    It opens a window which says “1Password Data, shows a check box which says “Discover automatically”. Beneath that there is the string that I sent you, followed by the warning “Ensure that ‘Enable integration with 3rd party apps” is enabled in 1Password’s Advanced preferences.” I then close the window.

    As far as your instructions to “press right arrow to choose “Reveal in Finder”, please give me a clue as to where in Alfred i goto chose this.

    The best I am able to answer regarding 1Password is that I believe I have a shared vault.  My wife and I each can access the passwords there.  It may that we each also have separate vaults, but there is hardly any data in these.  Hope this answers your question sufficiently.  If not, please let know and I will get in touch Dave Teare and his Agile Bits team to find out.

    I created a new 1 Password login and went to see if it appeared in the Alfred 1 Password list.  IT DID.

    Next, I tried Alfred:  1P  Website name, and it worked like a charm.

    While happily my problem is solved, I am sending this along in hopes that it will be useful in helping someone else who had this problem.




  4. Thanks Vero.  Very curious!  I have about 250 1Password logins.  When I go to Features.> 1 Password.  There is only 1 1Password login item listed.

    Per your advice, Vero, I went to Advanced and unchecked, then checked, and got same result. The entery shown was "/Users/abel/Library/Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.agilebits.onepassword-osx-helper/Data/Library/Caches/Metadata/1Password", if that provides any clues.




    PS. I have had no conflicts with other software using command 1

  5. In Alfred preferences, under 1Password, I have checked “Enable 1Password Bookmarks” and entered a keyword “1p”

    In Alfred, I have enabled integration in 1Password by going to “Advanced”.  There I placed checkmarks in “Integrations” - Enable Third Party Integrations, and “Web Browsers” - Verify browser code signature.

    I have set up an Alfred hotkey.

    After launching the Alfred hotkey and typing 1p BOOKMARKNAME, the bookmark is not recognized, website opened and the 1 Password stored password username entered.

    Alfred Hotkey.png

  6. Hello Vero:


    There is no hotkey for this workflow.  No matter how hard I try, I can't find a way to create a hotkey for the workflow.  As there is no hotkey associated with this workflow, the existence, if any, of a duplicate hotkey shouldn't be an issue.  I have attached a screenshot. Hopefully, it will help.



    Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 3.02.28 PM.png

  7. Hello VerO:


    Thanks for the prompt and clearly written reply.

    No success, but I am getting closer.

    Am running 1Password 6.5  Yes, the "Integrations" checkbox  is ticked.  Yes... in Alfred's preferences to the 1 Password tab discloses my bookmarks.

    However, when I type command/ by designated action key and then type "1P" and then the beginning of the name of the bookmarked site I want to visit, I still do not get there.

    Probably something I am doing wrong, but I don't know what it is.


    By the way, did you know that Sir Winston Churchill's sculpture will be returned to our While House in January?

  8. I would like to resume using Alfred with 1Password, now that there is apparent compatibility between Sierra OS 10.12.1 and Alfred 3.2.

    I went to Alfred preferences and checked  "enable 1Password". I then created "1P" as my keyword for invoking 1Password.

    Unfortunately, that does not work for me. I press command/ then1P and 1Password is not enabled. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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