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  1. Yes! It must have been the theme. I really appreciate your help! You guys have great support and I like knowing I can always get an answer quickly by asking in the forum. Besides the great product, it is another reason why I bought the Mega Supporter powerpack! Thank you @Vero
  2. Hi Vero, Thank you for the help. I am on MacOS 10.12.5 Alfred ver. 3.4[850] and I'm not using any external or additional dictionaries.
  3. At some point recently the "define" command stopped showing the definition in Alfred's results and now I have to actually select the word and press enter and the dictionary opens up with the definition. How can I get back to showing the definitions in Alfred's results without having to select the word and press enter?
  4. Thanks, guys! Obviously still learning here but I really appreciate the direction!
  5. Thanks for responding! I use Todoist to complete my daily tasks. Todoist has an inbox that I send things to that I later will complete or file to do another day. I use Outlook for Mac 2016 for my emails. What I'm looking for is: When I'm going thru my emails in Outlook for Mac 2016 I would like an Alfred workflow that I can use to send a link of the Outlook for Mac email to my Todoist inbox for processing later. Ideally the workflow would take the Outlook for Mac email and create a new item in my Todoist inbox with the subject of the email being the title of the Todoist task, the body of the email would be in the notes section of the Todoist task with a link back to the Outlook email so I could click on it from Todoist to take me back to Outlook to answer when I'm ready.
  6. I'm looking for help in creating a workflow, I want to have the ability to send Outlook for Mac 2016 emails to my Todoist inbox running a script via Alfred. I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find one that works or it's for the old version of Outlook? Can anyone help?
  7. Thanks all for the suggestions, this definitely helps!
  8. Is there a quick way to browse your workflows with alfred besides clicking the gear icon and selecting "workflows". I have trouble remembering some of the different workflows that I dont use every day but I know have them which then requires me to open alfred and look for them the way I described above. Thanks for any suggestions
  9. Anyone gotten this to work w/ El Capitan?
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