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Release and Renew the external IP-address of your TimeCapsule

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First i would like to thank 'David Ferguson' for his quick help and 'weslly' for his [My IP]-Workflow which helps me too.


My Workflow disconnect the TimeCapsule from the Internet and reconnect it at the same time to get a new IP-address from the ISP.


I used weslly's script to show the actual and the new IP-Address during the process. I hope i can use it without his harm! :)


And at last the file disconnect.jar found in the workflow folder... I found it at the JDownloader Forum where its also used to reconnect the TimeCapsule. I only transfered the whole JDownloader Reconnect process into this alfred.workflow.



You have to edit the IP-address in the last bin/bash of the workflow to the one of your TimeCapsule manually. Actual it is set to


Maybe someone had an idea to ask for the right IP during the first usage of the workflow. 


And - finally - here is the link...





Hope you can use it to.



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