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Snippet Open Files/Folder Anywhere

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Description: Alfred workflow for snippet trigger open/attach files/folders and drop & drop attach files anywhere


It works pretty well on my side, and I believe it'll be pretty helpful for people who stays on the keyboard.



All you need to do with this workflow after installation is to type \\o anywhere in the mac, not necessarily a textfield. And then it pops up a search bar for you to search files/folders, you can choose to open files/folders or drag and drop them onto your current work or to preview in Alfred with "alt" held before any actions.


Note: Attaching folders under the root directory lags and sometimes won't open. But other smaller folders are fine. (Tested on the apple note app). Check the images to see how it looks.


Link to Github to download:

Download Here



Snippet Open.png

Snippet Open 2.jpg

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