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search files in mounted Disk /Volumes/

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  • 5 months later...

1: Open Alfred Preferences

2: In left column, click on "Default Results"

3: On right side look for "Search Scope" and there is a "+" button at the top of the list ... click that.

4: Select the drive (or volumes, or folders) etc, to add to the list in "Search Scope"


As long as Spotlight has indexed the external, it will show up now in Alfred's results when you do a standard search starting with SPACE.

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  • 6 years later...

Hello! I'm coming in quite late on this. But on the first Alfred (the one still on the App Store) this used to work on my side.

With Alfred 4.app, it doesn't seem to work. I do have the mounted drives added to the search scopes and using 'find' or hitting 'spacebar' just after opening Alfred.

One thing that the Mac App Store did ask for is to have permissions to search mounted drives, Alfred 4 didn't ask for that.

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