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I replaced an older Workflow that I had made for this problem with this one that I feel works a little faster and better. Just a simple command to Show/Hide hidden files on macOS, which was normally an easy command for me to use until Apple changed it to some god awful keyboard combo that I can never get correct. 


It's available for download at Packal: Blink



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Hey there! I totally feel you in the struggle of trying to remember keyboard shortcuts on macOS. It seems like they're always changing things up, and it can be so frustrating! Have you checked out https://multitechverse.com/ yet? They have some really helpful tips and tricks for macOS, including some handy keyboard shortcuts. I actually found a really cool shortcut for showing/hiding hidden files on macOS that's been a game-changer for me. It might be worth checking out if you're interested! Let me know if you find any other cool tips.

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