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Help with Archive Workflow

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Hi all,


I'm trying to come up with a workflow to archive old projects to Amazon Glacier…


The file structure I have is:


Client Name/Projects/Project Name/


I want to create a tar.bz2 file with the Project name, but I want to create it on the Desktop (as Client folder is on dropbox, and I don't need the tar uploaded to Dropbox)


So I have the beginnings of a workflow, that selects the folder and runs a terminal command:


tar -jcvf {query}.tar.bz2 {query}


Obviously this creates the archive in the "Projects" folder as {query} outputs the full path.

So my first question is: Is it possible to 'process' the {query} in some way, to get just the filename, not the path?


Next, I want to run the following command, once the last one has completed:


glacier archive upload ClientName Project Name.tar.bz2


So now I need to get the grand-parent folder's name, remove any spaces and insert it into the command?


Is this possible with workflows, or am I going to have to look into a script to do it (out of my comfort zone!)?


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!

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