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Single Modifier Only Activation!

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First time user here, trying out Alfred + Powerpack after about 10 years on Quicksilver. 

The thing that is most sorely missed for me is Single Modifier-Only Activation. I LOVE being able to invoke Quicksilver (or make it go away) by simply tapping Fn ONCE. In my opinion, it takes too much attention / contorting of the hand to do a combination of keys - I want Alfred/Quicksilver to be available at the easiest-to-find tap possible (the corner of the keyboard)...


In addition to that, I'm sorely missing the "3 cube" interface of Quicksilver, but I think that's too much to ask ;)


Hope these are possible! Looking forward to exploring Alfred more. 


Warm regards


Edited by jlevi
figured out that ->| means tab , invalidating my second request
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