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SavvyCal Scheduling Workflow

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Hi there! This is my first workflow that I'm sharing, so I'm sure there are more efficient ways to make this workflow. Actually, Alfred inspired me to start learning some basic coding (as I think it has a lot of non-developers) and had a lot of fun making this workflow!


This uses Savvycal scheduling software, a recent product launch that competes with Calendly. They have a great comparison here, but coming from the former after years, SavvyCal is awesome as-is so far and their roadmap looks terrific. (For example, my favorite feature is the ability to have multiple sets of 'availability', so I can have my preferred times, perhaps a secondary set of times I don't prefer as much and a 'worse-case' set of availability that I really don't want anyone to schedule, but it's there if nothing else works. When folks go to book with you, they see your availability in that ranked order.)


One of the features they have right now is the ability to have the name and email address of the recipient pre-filled when sending the link. They also have a feature to create completely custom links for individuals, but it can't be done on the fly right now.


This workflow takes a) highlighted text in an application and replaces it with a hyperlink customized for the recipient (used when workflow activated by hotkey) or b) creates the custom URL and copies to your clipboard (when workflow activated by keyword).


GIF of the workflow: http://share.nagy.co/ANFCu6l






  1. Install Pandoc, if not already installed. This is for converting text to rich text.
  2. Install this workflow and set a Hotkey input that copies highlighted text.
  3. Under the List Filter (or #2 red), this is where the scheduling links and information go from Savvycal. Title is used internally. The Args field should be the full URL of your SavvyCal profile followed by the scheduling link page. For example, if your profile is https://www.savvycal.com/alfred, and the scheduling link URL for your event is test-event, the Args field would read https://www.savvycal.com/alfred/test-event?. Make sure the question mark is included after the link.


Installation Screenshots

Hotkey Setup & Meeting Types


 image.thumb.png.545a474c660861c94af75daf00e40868.png         oIH5lroHr9sL5C6CSk8owKhvrJvgEtiSSVKwliq1iI2lTOZkyHxmzdYkfqtKmfQ9EmvdokInTMbGcD1ceoyLITJprjKJn4snkOQIlHyX-Do




Grabbing the URL from SavvyCal to put into Arg field




You can either highlight text and use the hotkey, or simply use the keyword to trigger the workflow. The workflow will ask for the recipients name and email address, and have you pick from the list of your events what type you'd like to create.


If your workflow was triggered via keyword, the completed URL will be copied to your clipboard.





If your workflow was triggered via hotkey and you had words highlighted, the workflow will paste the URL and replace your highlighted word.



Thanks! Please let me know if you have any tips or suggestions, I'd love to learn how to better improve this workflow and learn some more basic skills :)


Download Here

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