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Global Mute Microphone

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Hi, I tried to find a solution for muting the microphone in video calls. I figured that turing down the value in system preferences works fine. So I made a workflow using AppleScript which also gives you a handy notification. 




on alfred_script(q)               

set inputVolume to input volume of (get volume settings)     


if inputVolume = 0 then         

set inputVolume to 80                           


tell application "BitBar"             

quit         end tell              


set inputVolume to 0         


set displayNotification to "Mikrofon auf 0%"         

tell application "BitBar" to activate            

end if     

set volume input volume inputVolume          

display notification displayNotification with title "Mikrofon Stumm"     

delay 1          




I also want to have a more persistent way of displaying the current status, so I tried to write a little script for bitbar.app. In the Script in Alfred workflow there is a command that specifically launches and quits bitbar to only display, when microphone is off. you can change the behaviour to your liking. 





mic_status_off=$(osascript -e "get volume settings" | grep -c "input volume:0")

if [[ $mic_status_off -eq 1 ]]
    echo "mute"
    echo "on"






Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-04 um 16.18.45.png

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