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Notebooks.app Alfred workflow: Quick Open + New Note

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Alfred workflow to quickly open and create notes in Notebooks.app. In contrast to Notebooks' internal search, it does not search file contents, but can quickly open files andfolders 🎉.

Workflow Icon is (C) Notebooks.

Workflow Demo


  • Download & double click to install the workflow
  • In the install workflow window, set the folder to your Notebooks library folder path (you can drag the folder in there)


  • nb to search file or folder names within the Notebooks library
    • Enter to open the file in Notebooks
    • SHIFT to copy the notebooks: url to clipboard
    • ALT to open the file in the default editor
  • nbnew to create a new file in the library root.
  • nbclip to create a new note with the current clipboard as note body in the library root.

Download from Github


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