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alfred workflow for cowsay

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  sometime back, I built a workflow for cowsay ASCII image generator and wanted to share it here, in case someone finds it funny/useful. Please share suggestions/improvements. 



This workflow triggers the cowsay terminal command with user provided message and displays the output as a large banner which covers the entire screen. Additionally the cowsay output gets copied to clipboard. See it in action here.



This workflow assumes that cowsay is already installed and available at /usr/local/bin/cowsay. If its not already installed, please install it using brew and then import this workflow.


Installation Instruction

Just download cowsay.alfredworkflow from this repository and click on it. Assuming alfred is already installed, it will prompt you to install this workflow. Follow the instructions and this should get installed without any issues.



If it does not display the cowsay output, it means the workflow did not find cowsay executable at /usr/local/bin/cowsay. In that case, you have two options:

  1. Make sure to install cowsay at /usr/local/bin/cowsay
  2. If you are comfortable editing alfred workflow, then edit the workflow and goto \bin\bash step and edit the script to point to the installation location of cowsay executable as depicted in following two screenshots.
    • STEP 1 - choose the /bin/bash step choose the step
    • STEP 2 - edit the script to point to cowsay executable location and save the workflow edit the screipt to point to cpwsay location and save





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added installation details
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