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I've been a heavy user of Alfred for years (thank you!), but recently started re-discovering Alfred Remote while working ... um ... remotely. When I tried Alfred Remote at work a few years ago, the wifi network at work didn't allow devices to see each other, so it never worked. But at home, I discovered I can be watching a Zoom call on my big screen TV (as a 2nd display) and use Alfred Remote to copy screenshots to into Bear, disable my screen saver, etc. right from my iPhone. Sweet!


I created a workflow to use on Alfred Remote to mute or unmute my Zoom Audio and, since it's a toggle, I'd like to know whether I've muted or unmuted. I'm currently showing a notification on my laptop, but it'd be even better to show a notification on my phone either with a notification on the phone, a toast within the Alfred Remote app, or being able to dynamically change the icon/text of the remote button (e.g., switch between a mic icon with or without a red line through it like Zoom does).


I found a preference setting in Alfred Remote for iOS called "Show command run feedback" but Mother Google didn't yield any details on what this setting might do. I was hoping there might be an option in workflow notification to send a short message to the remote and/or a separate output for this purpose, but haven't found one.


I know the remote gives a little feedback in the top right corner "<command name> - OK" to let you know the command was received, but that doesn't help if you've got presbyopia nor does it let you return a status like "muted" or "unmuted".  I also know I could create separate commands for mute and unmute, but that wouldn't be nearly as awesome as being able to toggle the icon or show a brief message on the phone. :) 


Any chance there's a way to send feedback to the remote that I haven't discovered?


And, either way, what does the "Show command run feedback" setting do? I tried toggleing it off and still see the "<command name> - OK" feedback in the top right corner.

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