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Zoom Launcher

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A workflow to easily launch Zoom meetings without launching the browser. 



  • Launch from Meeting ID, URL, or bookmarked meeting
  • Add/remove meeting bookmarks
  • Start meetings with Personal Meeting ID


Getting Started


Download the latest version from https://github.com/ArianOmidi/alfred-zoom-launcher/releases.


Enviroment Variables


Set the following enviroment variables for full functionality.





  • zma : Add a meeting bookmark by entering the bookmark name with `zma <name>` and then enter the meeting id or url `<id|url>`.
  • zmd Delete a meeting bookmark by entering `zmd` and select the bookmark from the dropdown.
  • zm Launch a meeting with `zm` and select option from dropdown menu or enter the meeting id or url `<id|url>`.


Distributed under the MIT License.

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