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How to clear List Filter selection (arg)?

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I have a workflow I'm working on that has a List Filter that is then passed to a conditional, but when I select an item from the List filter the argument from that List remains in the Alfred box. How can I have it so that after a selection is made from a List Filter, the argument doesn't stay in the Alfred box?


Reason being, is that after the conditional, some of the flows have another list box, which I then have to manual delete (backspace) the argument from the previous list before the options in the new List Filter will appear.


Demo Workflow https://send.tresorit.com/a#zAXymmxDDj_Yr9roUyqq5g

just type cleartest, ENTER, select "Item 1" from list, and notice item1 appears in the Alfred box. How do you auto delete/remove "item1"


Edit: So the only way I've figured out how to do it, is to dump the output of the List Filter into a dummy Arg to Var  or use the Replace and just leave the output blank.
Is there no better way to do this without the need of another item in the workflow?

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