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Notion app Shortcuts Workflow

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An Alfred workflow to operation Notion app shortcuts


Simply type your keyword into Alfred (default: nos) to see shortcuts from Notion.


Documentation, instructions on workflow in the readme here:




- `now`: Open a new Notion window.
- `nos`: Open search or jump to a recently viewed page.
- `no1`: Create an H1 heading.
- `no2`: Create an H2 heading.
- `no3`: Create an H3 heading.
- `notd`: Create a to-do checkbox.
- `nobl`: Create a bulleted list.
- `nonl`: Create a numbered list.
- `notg`: Create a toggle list.
- `nocb`: Create a code block.
- `noni`: Create a new page, or turn whatever you have on a line into a page.
- `nonp`: Create a new page.


download: https://github.com/iHTCboy/notion-shortcuts-alfred-workflow/releases


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