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Make URL handler for external trigger available by default

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I find this new feature - calling external triggers via URL handler, really awesome!


But one little problem is, I generally tend to use 'inbound configuration' instead of an 'external trigger' object in order to save some space in my workflow panel. And now I'm forced to switch back to 'external trigger' in order to enable URL handler.


As a workaround for now, I made an external trigger which parse the argument as a json string including the actual argument, a workflow id, a trigger id, and optionally other variables, and then pass these to a 'call external' object.


It'd be great if URL handler is enabled by default!


Also, it'd great if the URL scheme accepts additional parameters in the incoming URL as variables, i.e. alfred://runtrigger/.../.../?argument=test&variable1=value1&variable2=value2, and pass them to the external trigger as well.

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