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GitHub Repository Helper

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Just created GitHub Repositoriy Helper, a small workflow for Alfred. Essentially, this uses your GitHub username & an access token to grab all of your repository names, and allow you to navigate directly to the repo, copy its url, or jump to its pull requests, issues, or projects page.


Download the workflow here || View the source code and README




  1. Navigate to https://github.com/settings/tokens, and create a new Fine-Grain Token
  2. Set the repo access to your desired level (recommended: All repositories)
    • If you set it to All repositories, under Repository permissions, find Metadata and set it to Read only
  3. Save & generate the token, and copy the value
  4. Set your GH_USERNAME and GH_TOKEN environment variables.
  5. Make sure that jq installed at /opt/homebrew/bin/jq (you can use which jq to check). If not installed, you can do so with brew: brew install jq




  • Use the ugh command to update your GitHub repo list. This will fetch all of the repos that you are a owner or contributor to, sanitize them, and generate your list
  • Once your list has been generated, gh <repo_name> will pull up the repository link, and you can then do the following:
    • Enter: go to repo
    • ⇧-Enter: go to pull requests
    • ⌥-Enter: go to issues
    • ⌃-Enter: go to projects
    • ⌘-Enter: copy the repo URL to your clipboard


Note: If any part of the ugh command fails, right-click the workflow in the sidebar, Open in Terminal, run chmod 777 *.sh, and then try the ugh command again

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