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List of user defined hotkeys, and then trigger the hotkey?

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Hi everyone, Im trying to figure out how to make a list of different hotkeys that I have set up. The hotkeys are triggering different stuff in Better Touch Tool, but sometimes I forget the acutal hotkeys, and it would be nice (and fun) to make a list in Alfred of said hotkeys, and then beeing able to select and make Alfred press the hotkey. Is this possible?

I figured out how to do something similar with bookmarks in a List Filter, and make Alfred open the selected bookmark (apparently just by putting the URL in the "Arg" section works), but i cant seem to make Alfred trigger a hotkey/press key combination (in stead of opening a URL). Is anyone able to explain how this can be done?



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Ah i figured it out. The "Dispatch key combo" 🙂 But for some reason it doesn't work with hotkeys in Better Touch Tool that move the mouse...I have some hot keys that move the mouse to specific positions and click, but that doesnt seem to trigger in Alfred. But other hot keys works

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