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Help with workflow to pull prompts from .csv into Alfred and copy to clipboard

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Perhaps a simple question, but struggling to find a way forward.


I have a .csv file with a list of prompts for Chat GPT that I got from (https://github.com/f/awesome-chatgpt-prompts).

There are two columns: 'act', 'prompt'.

I would like to retrieve values from the 'prompts' column in Alfred and copy them to the clipboard. I tried importing the .csv to the list filter but it just inputs to 'act' column to title and 'prompt' column to subtitle and I cannot find a way to copy the 'subtitle'.


Perhaps there is an easier way or a script filter. Just not sure how to construct it.





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You need to modify your CSV file so that there are three columns: Title, Subtitle and Args (you can call them whatever you want).


Alfred will use the three columns to fill in the fields in the List Filter. Add a blank column between act and prompt. It will use act as the title, you can leave the subtitle blank and then it should put the prompt into the args field.


Alfred just reads the three columns in the csv file and assumes that the first column is meant to be the title, the second the subtitle and the third are the args you want to use. 


I did something similar and posted about it in my blog





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