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Hugo SSG Workflow

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I have posted a new version of my Hugo SSG Workflow. Hugo is a Static Site Generator written in Go that you can use to set up a static HTML website or blog. 


The Hugo Workflow has several commands that you can use to make it easier to create and edit content as well as start and stop the integrated web server included in Hugo so you can preview your site and content.


The Workflow is available at:




and is also mirrored at




The Workflow currently has seven different commands built into it.




1. Add: Add a new file
2. Edit: Edit an existing file
3. Start: Start the Hugo server
4. Start - drafts: Start the Hugo server with --buildDrafts enabled
5. Stop: Stop the Hugo server
6. Date: Get a date in the Go format to use in the YAML frontmatter of content.
7. Drafts: List all of the content that are still Drafts


If you have seen this Workflow previously the changes in the current version are:



The feature complete version. With bonus Drafts command. .



* Added Drafts command to show any content that is still marked as a Draft post. 
* Fixed Edit command to run correctly.
* Actually fixed the Start Server command.
* Rewrote the Edit python code to use the Paths library.
* Added requirement to have the python-frontmatter library loaded. Needed to read the YAML frontmatter from the files for the Draft command.


If you do try it out let me know if there are any changes you'd like or additions.


Edit: Just realised I will need to retake all of those screenshots.




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