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multiple iOS remotes to control the same Mac(s)

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There have been a few discussion items on this forum regarding problems encountered when using multiple Macintosh Alfred Servers from an iOS Alfred Remote.

I encountered problems in the reverse situation of using multiple iOS Alfred Remotes to control the same Macintosh Alfred Server(s).


The essence of the situation is that I tried using Alfred Remote on both my old and new iPhone. Each time I used a different iPhone, I had to delete the connection and re-connect the Remote to the Server. From reading those other forum posts here, I speculated that my new iPhone (initialized by cloning my old iPhone) had the same internal ID.


My attempted solution of deleting Alfred Remote from one iPhone and re-installing it has solved the problem. Now both Alfred Remote apps can retain their connection settings to the Alfred Server(s). I hope this info can help someone else avoid a frustrating failure.


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